Art direction pages are coming soon.

Have you ever heard the expression "a designer is their own worst client"? (Is there a similar expression for other professions?) At any rate, it's true in this case.

The last time I redesigned my portfolio site, almost ten years ago, I refocused it to highlight just my photography work and build up that part of my business. I also wasn't sure how to create the site in such a way where having both photography and design pages wouldn't be a navigational mess.

With this redesign of both my identity and website, I think I've worked out the structure in an elegant way; I just haven't quite gotten the page designs together yet.

Unfortunately I've needed to switch web hosts more quickly than intended, so I've needed to relaunch without these pages live yet.

Rest assured, these pages are coming soon, filled with examples of my work creating identities, posters, brochures, publications, websites, and more. Want to see something specific in the meantime? Please get in touch!